Documenting the Adventure

Author – Story Teller

Research Psychologist

Worldwide Traveler


Collector of Unusual Objects 


Survivor of Unlikely Events


Ed’s adventures do not add up to a “rags to riches” story, or a “coming of age” story, nor did they exactly tell story about the assimilation or acculturation of a multicultural urban street kid, or were they exclusively the story of spiritual, sexual, and intellectual awakening.

His adventures were about all of these things.   Aside from reviewing the unlikely and adventures themselves, one might well learn something about growing up in a diverse linguistic and socio-culturally mixed environment and about the  places where these adventures have led.

Where, as a child and young man there were no straight lines leading anywhere.  For most life, plans and expectations of love and success were meaningless, life was lived moment-to-moment, and wits were the only hope for survival.

The pages below, documents some of the places where the adventure has taken me; what a good ride it has been and continues to be .